Monitor emotional response as the participant moves. A point of view camera records everything the participant sees and their responses are overlaid on the video. Great for biometrically informed ethnography.

Example Applications

  • Shopper
  • In-Home
  • Car Clinics
  • Outdoor
  • Mobile Case Study

    Peabody Essex Museum are using NeuroLynQ to further understand how visitors interact with their art exhibits and ultimately improve visitor experience


    Focus group.png

    Monitor individual and aggregate responses of a group of participants in real-time. A simple status screen tells you who is responding and who isn't. Sessions can be aggregated to build a quantitative sample size.

    Example Applications

    • Focus Groups
    • Product Testing
    • Mock Jury Trials
    • Ad Testing

     Qualitative Case Study

    We gathered the Shimmer team to watch the best and the worst of 2017's Super Bowl Commercials to test the emotional response of an audience to advertising


    Group shot with ice cap2.png

    Obtain a sample of 30-45 people in a single session with results provided in real-time. Summary metrics for stimuli are available immediately after the session. Sessions can be aggregated for segment analysis.

    Example Applications

    • Video Ad Testing
    • Pilot Testing
    • Movie Screening
    • Still Images

    Quantitative Case Study

    Ground Breaking Neuromarketing Analysis of the Super Bowl LII - 2018. Ipsos used NeuroLynQ to measure the nonconscious response of its audience to Ads