NeuroLynQ is revolutionizing Neuromarketing by making it easy and practical.

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Easy To Use

Aggregate metrics are based on the % of the audience who are responding. Aggregating and segmenting the results is easy

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Cost Effective

Typically costs less than a single study from a full-service Neuromarketing firm. NeuroLynQ by Shimmer also offers rental and service options

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Analysis can be carried out in real-time. A video with a trace is available immediately upon completion of data collection

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NeuroLynQ can be used for a quick real-time read on audience response or to collect the highest quality raw data at higher rates



Monitor emotional response as the participant moves. A point of view camera records everything the participant sees and their responses are overlaid on the video. Great for biometrically informed ethnography.

✔ Shopper
✔ In-Home
✔ Car Clinics
✔ Outdoor

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Monitor individual and aggregate responses of a group of participants in real-time. A simple status screen tells you who is responding and who isn’t. Sessions can be aggregated to build a quantitative sample size.

✔ Focus Groups
✔ Product Testing
✔ Mock Jury Trials
✔ Ad Testing

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Obtain a sample of 30-45 people in a single session with results provided in real-time. Summary metrics for stimuli are available immediately after the session. Sessions can be aggregated for segment analysis.

✔ Video Ad Testing
✔ Pilot Testing
✔ Movie Screening
✔ Still Images






No matter what package you choose for your individual application, The NeuroLynQ system includes everything you need to get started.Choose options from 1 to 45+ sensors measuring Galvanic Skin Response and ECG Heart Rate along with a powerful laptop preloaded with the NeuroLynQ Software that is packed with many unique features:

-Live response window showing realtime feedback - Video Playback of data and video stimuli as it happened - Biometric trace overlaid on stimuli video - Add Event Markers to highlight moments of interest


Our Clients


“Shimmer and it’s NeuroLynQ platform has been a great partnership for NeuroSpot – bringing some game changing insights that have made a real difference to our clients. Easy to use, reliable and flexible to a range of different questions. Best thing is the support we’ve received from the team at Shimmer, to ensure we get the most from their technology”

Cole Armstrong - Managing Director, NeuroSpot


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