Shimmer Hosting ‘Group Quantification’ Experiment

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Understand The Power of Human Emotion with LifeLogging & Shimmer

Shimmer is delighted to announce that we will be part of an exciting 'Group Quantification' experiment taking place at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin on Tuesday March 31st 2015. Participants will relax and enjoy a hand-picked selection of the best sci-fi shorts of recent years while wrist worn Shimmer sensors log their reactions, measuring heart rate, skin conductance and motion.

This experiment will delve into the Data. Identify which short sci-fi elicited the most extreme reactions. What features provoke a common reaction in everyone. Utilising Shimmers published analysis will allow understanding of the power of Human emotion.

This experiment will be deployed using the Shimmer3 GSR+ Optical Pulse sensing platform as seen here. The body gives physiological responses to events and experiences. With Shimmer sensors, capture and recognise emotional and physiological responses that drive insight for neuro-marketing or affective computing applications.

To book your place on this experiment visit

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Congratulations to the Science Gallery Dublin for helping the Shimmer team host such an important and exciting event.

The week kicked off with Group Quantification experiment in which over 140 people participated, followed by a week long residency at the Gallery showcasing Shimmers data, measurement and quantification capabilities using our GSR+ sensor. We had numerous volunteers signing up for the opportunity to see their own GSR and Heart Rate in real time. Our experiments looked at the different ways to invoke a response with the aim of measuring the reliability and repeatability of physiological metrics.

Over the coming weeks we will have a case study live on our website so don’t hesitate to contact us at (2).gif
Enda Feeney