Applying Neuromarketing in Practice – Shimmer Is Presenting At Shopper Brain, Amsterdam


Dublin 22nd October 2018 – Geoff Gill, President of Shimmer Americas, and Dr.Tedi Asher, Neuroscience Researcher at Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) Massachusetts, will this year be presenting at the Shopper Brain Conference, Amsterdam on November 7-9th, 2018.

Gill and Asher will present how PEM is using neuroscience-inspired research to improve visitor engagement in a museum environment.  In particular, they will focus on a study that used Shimmer’s Mobile NeuroLynQ product to track visitor responses as they walked through an exhibit.  This study examined the impact of different types of a prompt on the visitor’s experience. Click HERE for a video showing some sample output from Mobile NeuroLynQ from this study.

The Shopper Brain conference is produced by the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA) and is focussed on shopping behaviour (both online and retail), ‘the brain’ in a marketing perspective, and consumer psychology. Gill and Asher will present at 14.15pm on Friday, November 09th.

Enda Feeney