Ipsos Uses Shimmer’s NeuroLynQ Platform to Conduct the First All-Wireless Neuromarketing Super Bowl


BOSTON MA, February 6, 2019 - Shimmer Research, a leading provider of medical grade wearable wireless sensors, announced today that its NeuroLynQ platform was used by Ipsos to study an audience’s nonconscious, real-time response to all the advertisements during the 2019 Super Bowl. Ipsos used NeuroLynQ for its inaugural Super Bowl neuromarketing study last year, but this was the first time that such a study was conducted completely wirelessly by anyone.

This achievement represents a new milestone for neuromarketing studies. “To enable this to happen, the NeuroLynQ system had to process more than 300 million data points, and continually transmit the data from 37 sensors in real time as the participants enjoyed a Super Bowl party for more than four hours,” said Geoffrey Gill, president of Shimmer Americas.

Geoff Gill, President Shimmer Americas

Geoff Gill, President Shimmer Americas

Ipsps & Shimmer Superbowl Participants party

Ipsps & Shimmer Superbowl Participants party


“Being able to see the results in real time enabled us to share live data while ads were still showing, and compute rankings of all the ads within a couple of hours,” said Pedr Howard, senior vice president, Ipsos Creative Excellence.

This wireless capability makes neuromarketing research more practical now for a wide variety of applications. It will also enable dramatic market changes.

“We believe that in the not too distant future, research panels will be biometrically-monitored 24x7 to passively evaluate all the media and advertising in which they come into contact,” continued Gill. “To achieve that goal will require tight integration of the hardware, software and algorithms. A wireless Super Bowl study is a significant step towards making that capability a reality.”

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